Azerbaijan exported $35 million worth of apples to Russia, last year

Azerbaijan exported apples totaling $ 34.7 million to Russia in 2018. This is 6.7 percent of the total Russian imports of apples, Report informs citing Russian media. In total, Russia imported 844,000 tons of apples amounted to $ 517.4 million, while it exported 11,700 tons of $ 4.11 million.

The main countries exporting fresh apples to Russia are Serbia (20.7 percent) and Moldova (20.5 percent). China ranks third with 16.5 percent. Russia also imported fresh apples from Iran (7.3 percent), Turkey (7.2 percent), Chile (5 percent), Belarus (3.4 percent), South Africa (3.4 percent), Argentina (3 percent), Brazil (2 percent), New Zealand (2.8 percent), Macedonia (1.2 percent) and other countries.

Azerbaijan is one of the main economic partners of Russia among the CIS countries and Russia remains one of Azerbaijan’s main foreign trade partners. Interregional cooperation plays an important role in the development of Russian-Azerbaijani trade and economic relations and the increase in trade turnover. Russia ranks first in terms of export of non-oil products from Azerbaijan.

The trade turnover between two countries amounted to $2.14 billion in 2017. According to the Azerbaijani State Customs Committee, trade turnover between Azerbaijan and Russia amounted to almost $2.27 billion in January-November 2018.

So far, Azerbaijan invested more than $1 billion in the Russian economy, and Russia invested more than $4.2 billion in Azerbaijan’s economy. About 760 companies with Russian capital operate in Azerbaijan.

Russia is a strategic partner of Azerbaijan. The legal framework between the countries includes over 180 documents, including about 50 in the economic sphere.

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