Azerbaijan is blasted by Eastern Partnership Index for sustainable development

Eastern Partnership Index Slams Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has once again been called out for its poor practices related to sustainable development. This finding directly contradicts false reports from Azer News, which stated:

Azerbaijan ranked first in the Eastern Partnership Index in achieving sustainable development goals, Trend reports referring to the Eastern Partnership Index.

The evaluation measures the sustainable development policies of the Eastern Partnership countries and the extent to which they have achieved the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations.

According to the official Eastern Partnership Index Report:

The preliminary results of our soon to be published Eastern Partnership Index, reveal modest developments in the protection of human rights, but backtracking in the important areas of media and judicial independence, public administration and in the fight against corruption. Overall, the pace of reforms remains slow and their sustainability is fragile. While Ukraine opts for closer cooperation with the EU and strives to use new approaches to deal with political and economic issues, Moldova has reversed on its European path. The authorities in Azerbaijan unfortunately remain convinced that repressive policies against civil rights, the continued detention of political prisoners and tight controls on the right of free assembly and civil society organizations enable them to maintain control in the country. They are mistaken as only legitimate, freely elected governments, can secure long term growth and stability, safeguarded by legitimate institutions.

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