Azerbaijani MP fires back at France about ‘yellow vests’ violence

Hikmat Babaoglu

Hikmat Babaoglu, member of the Azerbaijani parliament, told reporters “it would be more appropriate if in France, first of all, they recall violence against the “yellow vests”, and only after that they can make legal assessments on other issues.”He was commenting on the statement made by the French Foreign Ministry regarding the issue with Azerbaijani blogger Mehman Huseynov.

“During the rally on the streets of Paris, when French citizens demanded to solve their social problems, the French police applied the most stringent methods against them, violating their constitutional right to free assembly. These violent actions that led to the death of protesters are, in fact, the result of the brutality of the French police. Such cases are repeated there quite often,” Babaoglu said.

Babaoglu noted that despite all that happened, now France is preparing to adopt a new law to severely punish the peaceful demonstrators. He added that this is not only contrary to the French constitution, but also to democratic values.Babaoglu noted that the measures being prepared are a restriction of the rights and freedom of a person and a citizen.

He further added that the bill provides for very serious sanctions, including the payment of damage to public order by rally participants, as well as their imprisonment.”No such ruthless measures are taken in any democratic country. Therefore, first of all, the French government must learn to correctly assess such issues,” the MP said.

Mehman Huseynov was arrested on March 3, 2017. By decision of the Surakhani District Court, he was sentenced to two years in prison. The decision was based on the appeal by the head of the Nasimi district unitary enterprise, Musa Musayev. The blogger was charged with article 147.2 of Criminal Code (slander, person charging on committing a grave or especially grave crime).

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