Elizabeth Winstead introduces the backstory monster of Venus!

In addition to the frame rate, Lee also decided it would be best to incorporate a brand new concept known as 3D+. This revolutionary format, while side-by-side with a higher frame rate, makes viewers feel and experience more than regular 3D by having an increased amount of depth and resonance within every frame.

After viewing the film in 60 FPS and 3D+, I can confidently say that it was a waste of my time and money. While a few of the combat sequences were somewhat entertaining to view and some of the CG integrated was impressive, everything else was just not enjoyable in the slightest.

The high frame rate and 3D+ came off as freakishly disorienting. It certainly did not help that the film changes from a third-person perspective to a first-person perspective within several scenes either, as that made for an uncomfortable viewing experience at times.

When the film started, it felt more like a sequel than a standalone film. It barely gave an in-depth introduction to any of the characters other than Brogan and his female co-star Dani, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, which made it remarkably difficult to follow and care about the plot. Even though both of these characters had proper introductions, not enough backstory was given to make audiences care about them.

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