Why Bill Clinton cigar joke cracked in Nick Fury Zombie Valley!

The simplest explanation for Zombieland 2’s decision to cut its Bill Clinton cigar joke is that the filmmakers realized it was a relic of its time, that being about 20 years ago. Without getting too graphic, the joke is a reference to Clinton’s famous affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, and a rather explicit detail of their activities that involved cigars. Clinton would of course eventually be impeached for lying about the affair under oath. Late night hosts of the time had a field day with the Clinton scandal overall, and the cigar part especially. Including such a played out bit of humor in Zombieland: Double Tap would’ve done nothing but made the film instantly dated.

Another potential reason for Zombieland: Double Tap’s Bill Clinton joke to be removed from the final edit is that it was just too politically charged. In the scandal-ridden era of President Donald Trump, America is more divided politically than ever before, and it sometimes feels like politics can’t be escaped in one’s daily life. With Trump also being a president caught up in lurid sexual impropriety, as well as being the subject of an impeachment investigation, in some ways it’s like the Clinton days have returned, but are now even worse. The last thing zombie fans want to be reminded of when taking in an over-the-top piece of comedic horror entertainment like Zombieland 2 is the current political landscape.

You probably remember that comedic zombie killing gang we all learned to love from “Zombieland.” Ten years later, they’re giving you a double dip of the fun, and are back on the big screen for another round of laughter, guns and zombies.

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